Access your Synology NAS Anywhere using QuickConnect

One of the many amazing features of Synology NAS’s is that you can connect to them anywhere that you have an internet connection: Phone, PC, Mac, Tablet etc. In order to do this, you need to enable QuickConnect on your NAS before leaving the house/office.

What is QuickConnect?

It’s a service provided by Synology (for free) that allows you to easily access your NAS using one of their free apps, or via a web browser. This will also work even if you don’t have a static IP address; if your IP address changes, your NAS will update the IP address within your QuickConnect account allowing constant access.

Once enabled, it will allow you to access photos, music, videos or remotely login to your Synology NAS as if you were on the same network as it.

Getting it all Setup

First off, you need to make sure you have an account with Synology by signing up here: Once this has been done, you can sign into your NAS via the web browser and access the Control Panel. Here there will be an option for ‘QuickConnect’. Within this screen, you can check the box to enable the feature and complete the details required onscreen. You will need to confirm the email address of your Synology account and choose your QuickConnect ID.

Synology QuickConnect Setup

What does the QuickConnect ID mean?

This is a cool feature. In one of the many Synology apps available, you can access your NAS by using a keyword that you can choose (providing it’s not already been used by someone else). Then it’s simply a case of entering your username and password to access your NAS and you’re all set. Makes it a lot simpler than having to remember IP addresses etc. If you have Synology PhotoStation package installed, you can also access this remotely using your QuickConnect ID. The Control Panel will give you a URL you can use during the setup process once you have selected your QuickConnect ID.


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